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January 16, 2024

Trust Administration FUNdamentals

David Williams - Attorney at Pearson Butler 

The "Trust Administration FUNdamentals" class offers a comprehensive overview of trust administration processes, tailored for community members with varying levels of experience. Led by the knowledgeable Attorney David Williams, this engaging course demystifies the complex world of trusts. Participants will learn about the roles and responsibilities of trustees, the legal framework surrounding trusts, and best practices for effective trust management. Whether you're a budding legal enthusiast or someone managing a trust, this class provides valuable insights into the practical and legal aspects of trust administration, all presented in an accessible and enjoyable format. Join us to gain the confidence and know-how to navigate trust matters effectively!


January 23, 2024

Career Quest:

Landing Your Dream Job

Janessa Kimball - Director of Operations at Elysium

The "Career Quest: Landing Your Dream Job" class, taught by Janessa Kimball, is a dynamic course designed for individuals eager to navigate the competitive job market successfully. This engaging class provides strategic insights and practical skills for every step of the job search. Participants will learn how to identify their dream role, tailor resumes and cover letters, excel in interviews, and effectively network. Janessa Kimball, with her extensive experience in career coaching, offers personalized feedback and proven strategies to empower students to take control of their career journey and land their dream job. Whether you're entering the workforce, seeking a career change, or aiming for that dream position, this class is your gateway to success.


February 6, 2024

Stay Safe This Year

Get the Car Insurance You Need

Rachel Sykes - Attorney at Pearson Butler 

Join our Elysium Community Class, "Stay Safe This Year: Get the Car Insurance You Need," led by experienced Personal Injury Attorney Rachel Sykes. This essential course is designed to empower you with comprehensive knowledge about car insurance. You'll learn how to navigate policies, understand coverage options, and secure the insurance that best fits your needs. Rachel will guide you through the complexities of insurance laws, claims processes, and how to protect yourself financially and legally in the event of an accident. Don't miss out on this opportunity to safeguard yourself on the road with expert advice!


February 13, 2024

Money Matters Made Easy

A Step By Step Guide

Matt Young - CFO of Elysium

The "Money Matters Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide" is a transformative class aimed at demystifying the complex world of finance. Taught by experienced Chief Financial Officer Matt Young, this course offers practical insights and easy-to-understand lessons on budgeting, investing, and financial planning. Whether you're looking to manage your personal finances or understand corporate finance, this class breaks down key concepts into manageable steps, ensuring you gain the confidence and knowledge to make informed financial decisions. Join us to empower your financial journey!


February 20, 2024

Home Buying 101

Finding & Buying Your Forever Home

Brady Tanner - President of Elysium Real Estate

Join us for "Homebuying 101: Finding and Buying Your Forever Home," led by Brady Tanner of Elysium Real Estate. This comprehensive class is designed for aspiring homeowners looking to navigate the complex world of real estate. Whether you're a first-time buyer or seeking your dream home, Brady will guide you through the essential steps of the homebuying process. Discover how to identify your ideal home, secure financing, negotiate deals, and understand the closing process. Empower yourself with the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions and turn your dream of homeownership into reality!


March 5, 2024

Business Boot Camp:

Decrypting the Corporate Transparency Act

Paden Hanson - Attorney at Elysium Business Solutions

The "Business Boot Camp: Decrypting the Corporate Transparency Act" class is a comprehensive course designed to demystify the complexities of the Corporate Transparency Act for entrepreneurs and business professionals. Taught by Attorney Paden Hanson from Elysium Business Solutions, this class aims to provide a clear understanding of the Act’s implications, compliance strategies, and how it affects business operations. Attendees will gain valuable insights into navigating the legal landscape, enhancing their corporate governance, and ensuring their businesses thrive within the regulatory framework. Join us to empower your business acumen and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of corporate law!


March 12, 2024

Safe Haven:

Securing The Perfect Home Insurance

Lesa Ward - Home Insurance Agent

Join us for "Safe Haven: Securing the Perfect Home Insurance," a crucial Elysium Community Class aimed at helping you safeguard your home and peace of mind. In this class, you'll learn the ins and outs of home insurance, exploring various coverage options and how to choose the right policy for your needs. Guided by our esteemed guest presenter, Insurance Agent Lesa Ward, you will gain invaluable insights and tools to ensure your home is protected against unforeseen circumstances. Don't miss this opportunity to empower yourself with knowledge and secure your safe haven!


March 19, 2024

Junior Money Matters:

Teaching Your Children

Brady Tanner - President of Elysium Real Estate

The "Junior Money Matters: Teaching Your Children" class, led by Brady Tanner from Elysium Real Estate, is a transformative community course aimed at guiding parents and guardians on how to effectively impart financial wisdom to their children. This class covers essential topics such as saving, investing, and smart spending, ensuring that from a young age, children understand the value of money and develop healthy financial habits. Perfect for those eager to lay a solid financial foundation for their kids, this course promises to be an engaging and invaluable resource for the entire family.


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